Modular Building Range from Elite Cabins

Advancements in design, materials and manufacturing technology have resulted in a capability to construct permanent buildings utilising a modular approach. The ability to satisfy an increased expectation of enhanced quality, increased speed and reduced cost has resulted in many customers selecting a modular methodology over and above a traditional process when constructing a new building.

Utilising timber and steel structural materials in building design and high level of architectural flexibility in terms of fit out and external appearance through a wide range of cladding options opens up a whole world of opportunities in modern design.

These buildings give customers the opportunity to satisfy a space requirement without compromise with significant cost savings of up to a third less than traditional constructed buildings.

The nature of these buildings enables a rapid deployment and easy relocation with generally minimum ground preparation, disruption and site occupancy.


  • Reduced build time
  • Accurate completion date
  • Accurate capital cost
  • Design flexibility
Modular Buildings - Elite Cabins
Modular Buildings - Elite Cabins

By blending modular manufacturing in a quality controlled environment with on site traditional construction services, Elite cabins is able to assist customers in optimising design, budget and value.

Early involvement and close working relationships remain key factors in capitalising upon the benefits offered from a modular approach, most significantly a reduction in build time, site occupancy and cost.

Taking ownership of a building on time, at cost, without defects and minimal disruption are not unreasonable expectations. Elite cabins have been satisfying these expectations for many years.

All buildings are manufactured to current regulations and supported with:

  • Structural guarantees
  • Warranty programs
  • Support services including repair, maintenance and relocation.
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